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Enjoy the hardest, most masochistic and challenging games human mind ever produced

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This game is not only hard to play, it’s also hard to look at. Graphics is so basic that it is almost saying out the message that graphic designer had in his head while uninspiredly creating this piece. The message has to do with hating the whole world. There are 20 increasingly tough levels, and you will probably get killed on every one of them at least 5 times. Enjoy the game.   Worlds Hardest Game

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This game is so hard that you will not finish even the first level. You’ll spend much time on the first level and watch idiotic red balls that you should avoid hitting with green ball. To make it even harder, your green ball has acceleration component to it- that means it is hard to maneuver. The game author is a sadist and he wants you to suffer. However, the game is not impossible to win, you just need to be patient. Extremely patient. Can you do it? Hardest Flash Game Ever

» Play Impossible Tetris

  Unlike the first 2 games on our list, this one is “mission impossible”: No matter how hard you try and no matter what trick you pull out, this Tetris is so freaking hard that it makes your job of connecting the bricks in line impossible. Is impossible Tetris really impossible? Not really, there is a catch that “beats the system” but it takes time to find the cache. Enjoy. Impossible Tetris