Hardest Flash Game Ever

Oh boy, even the game author doesn’t believe it is what it is. “This is probably the hardest flash game ever” Emphasis on PROBABLY. Another thing worth mentioning is that this game is a pathetic attempt to clone The Worlds Hardest Game. Design and visuals are poor and not artistic at all, inconvenient and even irritating at some time. Sound effects and musical background also suck. In other words, Hardest Flash Game Ever SUCKS. Why publish it then you ask? Probably because it matches the crazy game category and apparently too many people disagree with our assessment since thousands of gamers play it every day. It’s not because we found it on Craziest Games website; the website itself sucks big time and it has nothing to do with the crazy games in primary sense. It’s just that no one except the crazy gamer would ever try to beat this game, or even play at all.

It works just like the WHG, everything is copied from WHG, except the game design is extremely ugly. We’ve expected something different like having no patterns in obstacle movements but even this was too much to handle for the game maker, appears we’re stuck with WHG 2.5 with only difference that nobody actually gives a %!@# about the “Hardest Flash Game Ever”, so even if you’re crazy enough to play and even beat it, YouTube the recorded video, nobody would ever watch that. We recommend NOT PLAYING this game, avoiding it at all costs.

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